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Why Web Site Video SEO ?

February 25th, 2014 :: Andy Alagappan :: B2B Marketing

After spending money and to produce an engaging video for your web site. With a well copywriter crafted a script that was engaging and effective. The video has helped you explain your value proposition in a clear and concise manner , usually in a min long video. When producing videos always make sure you show your web address, logo, phone .The next thing to do though.Distribute it to You Tube! and social media channels .

It’s always important to distribute any video that you produce to all the major video networks including You Tube, Metacafe, Revver, AOL Video, Yahoo Video, Etc …Etc. Also, post in your niche video sites that relate to your industry. Also, make sure to tie keyword tags to the video to help with organic web site SEO. The reason is that Google indexes video separately. So, if distributed properly and tagged correctly you may have two listings within Google. One with a link to your web site and one with a link to your YouTube video (which then links to your web site). It’s not a guarantee as some keywords can be very competitive. However, it’s very useful to always get your name out there and set yourself up in a position to get indexed by Google. We always help encourage our clients to take advantage of our Video SEO Distribution packages as it’s cost effective and very useful .

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By Andy Alagappan : Call US for a FREE 30 MIN Web Site Marketing and Lead Generation analysis and Video Strategy consulting @ 832-677-4620 .281-570-5804 .