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What Do CMO’s See As Their Biggest Challenges?

April 8th, 2014 :: Andy Alagappan :: B2B Marketing

According to a recent IBM Survey:

Growth of Channels and Devices – connecting all of the various sales, marketing and business
intelligence systems to enable a coherent flow of information and analysis where and when it’s
Customer Collaboration and Influence – building relationships between customers, sales teams
and customer service reps and delivering the right information to increase sales and reduce churn
Targeting – delivering the right content at the right time to support the purchase decisions of
potential customers and upgrade candidates
Big Data – leveraging proprietary and external data sources to quickly gather and analyze
marketing data to streamline sales and customer service processes and increase revenues
ROI Accountability – enabling executives to understand the value of marketing initiatives and
channels and make the right decisions
Alignment – making sure that sales and marketing messaging, qualification criteria and data
exchange are on the same page
Expertise – According to Forrester, 40% of CMOs state that their number one area in which to
improve board level influence is technology-savviness

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